"Ven, amigo, conozcamos nuestra cultura"



"Ven, amigo, conozcamos nuestra cultura" es un proyecto de dos años que involucra a seis países: Eslovenia, la República Checa, Francia, Reino Unido, Polonia y España.



  • Inclusión social (interés nacional esloveno)

  • Valor social y educativo del patrimonio cultural europeo, su contribución a la creación de empleo, al crecimiento económico y a la cohesión social

  • Fortalecimiento de los perfiles de las profesiones docentes (interés nacional esloveno)


  • Ciudadanía Europea, conciencia Europea y democracia

  • Aprendizaje empresarial – Educación para la empresa

  • Igualdad de género y posibilidades

  • Cooperación internacional, relaciones internacionales, cooperación para el desarrollo

  • Enseñanza y aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras


Objetivos perseguidos:

- Fomentar la cooperación entre alumnado y profesorado de distintos centros educativos a nivel europeo para alcanzar una mayor tolerancia e inclusión social.

- Potenciar la conciencia ciudadana europea y el espíritu de democracia.

- Mejorar las competencias lingüísticas y del uso de las TIC.

- Proporcionar los conocimientos básicos para la creación y gestión de una empresa a través de una experiencia real y práctica fomentando el aprendizaje cooperativo.

- Posibilitar una implementación atractiva y de alta calidad de la profesión pedagógica brindando a los docentes nuevas experiencias y aprendizajes.


Resultados esperados:

- Página web del proyecto.

- Creación de una agencia de viajes.

- La Guía del Joven Viajero

- Grabaciones digitales y el documental final "Vista desde el exterior"

Todos ellos serán un producto que estimulará la valoración del patrimonio cultural y natural, la participación constructiva de grupos internacionales mixtos y la mejora de las competencias de TIC y lingüísticas en español e inglés.
Integración de los conocimientos adquiridos en las actividades habituales de la escuela: los alumnos que participen activamente en la movilidad realizarán el trabajo y presentarán sus experiencias a los compañeros de clase. Esto hará que la mayor parte de la comunidad escolar de las escuelas asociadas sea consciente del patrimonio y los valores culturales europeos, que es uno de los objetivos del proyecto.


"Come, my friend, get to know our culture" is a two-year project that involves six countries: Slovenia, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Europe is undergoing a change.


The EU's task is to tackle unemployment, migration and marginalization. Some countries face a brain drain; others with school desertion. Our time requires compassion, responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit and the school must respond. We will overcome the current challenges only with European cooperation At the initiative of the students and after analyzing the situation among adolescents, the partner schools decided to present a project that will strengthen the awareness of European citizens through international cooperation, promote tolerance and social inclusion, put the participants in real ntercultural and linguistic situations and give them business knowledge and practices A joint travel agency will motivate all participants and encourage them to know and value the wealth of our National and European heritage. Accepting the differences, we will discover shared intercultural democratic values.

New friendships, mobilities, welcoming foreigners into homes will develop empathy in the whole school population, which is decreasing drastically among young people and it will promote non-discrimination in terms of gender, nationality, religion, appearance and other forms of exclusion. Through these exchanges we will spread the vision of the business world, in real situations, we will improve linguistic skills, we will acquire digital skills and we will have better job opportunities A joint international travel agency will be the main long-term result of the project, which will allow for a lasting impact on creativity and entrepreneurship. Students will learn the work of a tourist guide from real experience, from job searching, travel and being a guide, editting a Guide for Young Travelers, learn about the laws of youth work, and the creation and promotion of the company. With informal learning, they will reinforce their attachment to European cultural heritage: they will explore and visit partner countries, make a video, and attend classes with classmates. All this will allow students to recognize the social, cultural and educational value of their European cultural heritage and its contribution to job creation, economic growth and social cohesion By working together at home and by travelling, adolescents of different ages, interests, nationalities, religions, beliefs and health with the support of teachers will work on tolerance and respect for diversity. They will live with host families, learn about their habits and discover common values. Girls and boys will use digital technologies to create products (films, digital books, padlet, prezi) and communicate through social networks, and educators will educate them about the responsible use of the Internet, privacy, bullying, violence, and false information.

Partner schools face early school desertion caused by psychological, educational and student learning difficulties. Teachers will find an effective way to deal with these problems using the Montessori pedagogy, a friendly educational approach that promotes independent work and the acquisition of work habits, while students mantain the joy of discovery, research and learning The project also plans to have a seminar on innovative practices, ICT workshops, and eTwinning, job shadowing, visits to emblematic European places, which will make the teaching profession more attractive and diverse, since it will allow them to cooperate, to have a cultural and linguistic experience, to learn new methods and promote professional development The project will involve the entire community of six countries (students, teachers, school administration, staff, families, local authorities, associations), which is a very large number of participants, who will address the project issues during the classes, create products, welcome guests, acquire new knowledge and skills.

The project foresees five days of mobility by 120 students between 12 and 16 years old and 66 teachers from six countries The project will have long-term benefits since the established travel agency will be permanent. The students will transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired to the next generations and will train their colleagues in tourism, corporate management and ICT use An online travel agency will include the new partner schools which will participate in the next eTwinning, Erasmus or school exchanges and will negotiate virtually through eTwinning

The results of the project will be published in local and youth media, on websites, TwinSpace, School Educat. Gateway and in Erasmus+ Projects Results.

This will benefit all those who know our project. Last but not least, the families of the students, the teachers, the school staff will benefit from the project when planning their vacations, since the project website will become a useful database for all.

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IES teror España (gran canaria)

El IES Teror, se encuentra en el municipio de Teror al norte de la isla de Gran Canaria y pertenece a la provincia de Las Palmas, España.

El IES TEROR es el único Instituto del municipio r imparte:

  • Educación Secundaria Obligatoria

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  • Ciclo medio Gestión Administrativa

  • Ciclo medio de Electricidad y Electrónica

  • Ciclo medio de Auxiliar en Enfermería

  • Ciclo superior en Dietética

  • Ciclo de Técnico Superior de Enseñanza y Animación Sociodeportivas (TSEAS)



Le Likès - La Salle est un établissement scolaire catholique fondé en 1838 par l’Institut des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes qui en porte toujours la tutelle.

Nous scolarisons 3000 élèves de la 6ème au bac +2. Ouvert à tous, nous proposons une éducation intégrale de chaque jeune.



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